onsdag 18. november 2009


This is a world that has looked very difficult to me, and therefore I have not dared to try it earlier. But when a crocheted amigurumi style Discworld caught my attention I simply had no choice anymore. The Disc is a wonderful place, and I would definitely travel there if I were given the chance, despite the creepier of the guilds in Ankh-Morpork. Currently my nose is buried any spare moment I get in the pages of Unseen Academicals, Pterry's newest published item.

But anyways....
Amigurumi! Wonderful, wonderful things can be made with this. I have made a baby elephant, from a free online pattern found here:
Very cute, very fun. It's my first trial of elephant, and when I find the right one I will have the middle part of my Discworld to be!

He ought to have a name I think, but I cannot figure out who he is...
In the picture he looks blue, but that's just because my camera and I aren't very good friends, in fact he is dark gray, made from an abandoned frogged project some time ago and his eyes are beads I got for the edges on a black shawl. He is made with a needle size 2.0 mm, and he is tiny!

So, there it is, my first Amigurumi style project!

søndag 18. oktober 2009

Gloves and wristwarmers

Yay! My beutiful white gloves are finally all done, and they are absolutely fabolous! All lacey, cabled, and fits perfectly. Should be perfect now that winter has made an appearance here at Ås.

This is the time for Christmas knitting! I have nearly finished first of a set of wristwarmers, turquoise, beaded and with a small lace pattern. Hopefully a very lucky recipient will enjoy these for christmas!

torsdag 1. oktober 2009


Woohoo! My first ever selfmade project, with no outside instructions what so ever! And it so happens, that when I was done with it, I realised that it's the perfect size for my netbook! I have always said that every girl needs a computer that easily fits into a small handbag, and now I have a handbag for my computer.

I have about a trillion other projects going, but this spesific one was a result of a shipping trip with a friend of mine, we found this yarn, and she helped me decide, handbag! As it was only two skeins left in the color I wanted, it had to be a rather small bag. It's knitted on needles nr. 8, which is way larger than I usually use, but it was fun. Just gonna get a couple of snaps to keep it closed in my backpack. Pictures will come really really soon! And hopefully a pattern will also be made, eventually...

Well, first knitting/blogging project complete, I'll see you around, happy knitting, may your baskets always be full of yarn!

There are now pictures!