onsdag 18. november 2009


This is a world that has looked very difficult to me, and therefore I have not dared to try it earlier. But when a crocheted amigurumi style Discworld caught my attention I simply had no choice anymore. The Disc is a wonderful place, and I would definitely travel there if I were given the chance, despite the creepier of the guilds in Ankh-Morpork. Currently my nose is buried any spare moment I get in the pages of Unseen Academicals, Pterry's newest published item.

But anyways....
Amigurumi! Wonderful, wonderful things can be made with this. I have made a baby elephant, from a free online pattern found here:
Very cute, very fun. It's my first trial of elephant, and when I find the right one I will have the middle part of my Discworld to be!

He ought to have a name I think, but I cannot figure out who he is...
In the picture he looks blue, but that's just because my camera and I aren't very good friends, in fact he is dark gray, made from an abandoned frogged project some time ago and his eyes are beads I got for the edges on a black shawl. He is made with a needle size 2.0 mm, and he is tiny!

So, there it is, my first Amigurumi style project!

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