torsdag 1. oktober 2009


Woohoo! My first ever selfmade project, with no outside instructions what so ever! And it so happens, that when I was done with it, I realised that it's the perfect size for my netbook! I have always said that every girl needs a computer that easily fits into a small handbag, and now I have a handbag for my computer.

I have about a trillion other projects going, but this spesific one was a result of a shipping trip with a friend of mine, we found this yarn, and she helped me decide, handbag! As it was only two skeins left in the color I wanted, it had to be a rather small bag. It's knitted on needles nr. 8, which is way larger than I usually use, but it was fun. Just gonna get a couple of snaps to keep it closed in my backpack. Pictures will come really really soon! And hopefully a pattern will also be made, eventually...

Well, first knitting/blogging project complete, I'll see you around, happy knitting, may your baskets always be full of yarn!

There are now pictures!

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  1. Thanks! Sadly, the yarn has gone out of production, that's why it was on sale...


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